Risk-Free Subletting

Future Cities provides working professionals and digital nomads with access to a curated community of responsible subletters. Feel good knowing your apartment is in safe hands while traveling.

Key Features

  • Invite Only

    Only the best are invited to join the Future Cities network. We aim to protect the integrity of the network at all costs. That means guaranteed responsible subletters, quality apartments, and no landlords.

  • Zero Tolerance Policy

    We take a zero tolerance policy toward irresponsible behavior. This includes paying rent on time, being a courteous neighbor, and maintaining a clean apartment for the returning tenant. Any violation of these requirements will result in termination from the network.

  • Reasonable Community Prices

    Future Cities requires all listed apartments to be priced solely according to rent plus utilities. With rising housing costs in most major U.S. metropolitan areas, our network provides working professionals with affordable access.

  • Identity Protection

    Retain control over who can see your subletting activity. Multiple checkpoints in the community approval process prevent malicious individuals from learning your identity or apartment location.

  • Easy Online Transactions

    Future Cities provides its community with an online platform to facilitate easy financial transactions. Use the payment methods that are most convenient for you.

We Need Your Feedback!

To create the best possible service, Future Cities needs your feedback. If you have 3 minutes to spare, please fill out our survey to give us a better sense of your subletting needs.

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